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    Dan's Characters


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    Re: Dan's Characters

    Post  Arcturus2 on Wed Jun 18, 2014 1:26 am

    A Brief History of Marunida
    as told to
    Gartholomew, in his Youth

    Part 1
    The Old Ones Came

    Many aeons ago, The Old Ones opened the sky and descended onto Marunida in gigantic gleaming bronze Sky Ships on waves of smoke and fire. The earth quaked with their arrival, and none could stand before their brilliance, for they shined as the sun. The air shook with the violence of a thousand hurricanes and whole forests were leveled by the mighty wind of their coming.

    There were men on Marunida in those old days; simple people who wandered the forests and plains and grazed freely as did the wild animals. My ancestors lived in tribes then, small groups of families who hunted and fished and gathered wild roots and fruits together. They knew nothing of war or strife, of hunger or disease.

    In those days mine was a joyful race. My forefathers prayed only to the Great Star, the Queen of the Days, that she may rise every morning and bring new life, and at night to the Great Brother Orbs, that they may continue to move the oceans and balance the tides and follow The Queen in her journey across the sky.

    But The Old Ones Descended upon Marunida, and found the air to be pure and invigorating, found the waters to be clean and sweet. They found the lands to be teeming with life and beauty and all manners of bounty.

    The Old Ones came down from On High, They landed on the beautiful innocent land, and they brought with them war. They brought with them terrible and fearsome weapons. Twas rumored they could burn land flat with a magic that was like a thousand suns, that blinded those who beheld it’s fury… That they could fling huge spears and arrows around the whole of the earth and smite their enemies… That they could rain lightning from the heavens themselves.

    The Old Ones Came and They drained the swamps and tamed the oceans with their fearsome devices. They tore asunder the plains and prairies and put my ancestors to work in agriculture. They put my ancestors to work building huge, sprawling cities and made them reside there. They cut for themselves monuments and citadels out of the mountains, into the living rock itself.

    No longer were my forefathers free and peaceful. No longer did they worship the Great Star and Brother Orbs. The Old Ones were the masters of Science and Magic, twined together so finely that perhaps they themselves couldn’t know where one stopped and the other began. The Old Ones changed my people forever. Became the masters of my fathers.

    The Old Ones descended from their home somewhere across the Star Sea that is the sky at night. They became the new Gods. The Old Ones brought Civilization.

    Part 2
    The Light Bringers

    Many centuries passed. The Old Ones continued to remake Marunida in Their Own Image. Our fathers lived under Their yoke. Still, all was peaceful and my ancestors grew accustomed to living under the rule of the Giant Gods. Some say the Old Ones were truly giants; some say twas their magic that made them so. Who can say? All who ever saw an Old One are long dead. All who ever walked the haunted halls of their ruins are long dead. All dead, and turned to dust long ago. All except one...

    Many centuries passed and my people grew used to life on the New Marunida. The Old Ones resided in their secluded citadels, deep in the forests of the North, on cold and windswept mountaintops. Sometimes in those days there could be seen the glow and crackle of the magic they used far to the north, and there could be heard the echoes of their thunder.

    My forefathers farmed and fished, and kept watch over the land as The Old Ones instructed. Some of them became the priests of the new gods, and some among them who did were chosen by the Old Ones to found a New Order. They were to be known as The Order of the Light Bringers.

    Those chosen were raised up and given a tiny portion of the Old Ones’ power; bits of magic, sorcery, and strange devices of power and authority that fell to them as crumbs from a table. They became overseers for the affairs of the Living Gods. They built their religious center and military stronghold on the same spot where The Old Ones were said to have landed so long ago.

    Twas said to be a huge castellated abbey, filled with magic and living machines. Twas there they received their orders and managed the whole of Marunida, and sent forth their authority on our people. It was said that they enshrined some of the Old Ones magic things, deep within the walls of their keep. It was deep within the Thundering Mountains that The Order of the Light Bringers had their fortress.

    Part 3
    Civil Unrest

    Still more centuries pass, and the story of Old Marunida grew dim, except for in the minds of but a few. The Old Ones are simply Gods now, spoken of in hushed whispers. Rarely seen or heard, they keep their counsel in their secluded mountains.

    The Light Bringers run Marunida for them. The Light bringers are the Church and the Government. They are the priests and the soldiers. Stories of their power grow nearly as large as the ancient legends of the Gods themselves. Their ancient fortress in the Thundering Mountains is a Mecca for the faithful, rumored to be the place where the magic of the Gods lives on.

    But all is not well in the Mountains of the Gods. Distant rumblings can be heard, and the old crackle of magic can be seen in the distance over the peaks again. Tis said that once again the sky often opens and the Gods come and go in their Sky Ships, on business unknown. The Gods stir in their slumber…

    The people become frightened. The Light Bringers keep order by force. Martial law comes, and The Light Bringers wield against the people some of the stored magic of the Gods. Strange exotic weapons that burn and shock and freeze are reported to be used on the unruly crowds in big cities. The Light Bringers can appear and disappear at will, and work many strange wonders that were but legend.

    The peace is kept, but strained. Even The Light Bringers themselves look fearfully towards the home of their Gods and are troubled by what they see and hear.

    Part 4
    The Gods go to War

    It is in this time of heightened panic that all the old tales are confirmed. The skies crack open and strange invaders pour through. Huge Sky Ships, shining and teeming with strange monstrous beasts and machines crash into Marunida. They teem like a swarm of locusts, tearing and devouring all in their path.

    They had been hunting The Old Ones since time as we know it began. They had chased the old ones out of their home world, across the universe, destroying them and all their machinations. Pulling them out, root and branch. Now they were on Marunida, last bastion of The Old Ones, to finish the cleansing started long ago.

    The Light Bringers fall quickly. Outnumbered by thousands, millions even, their bit of magic is no match for the fury of the unwashed hordes that fall upon them. huge machines of war eat them alive. The cities are laid waste and my people are scattered to the winds. Those few that survive huddle in caves and sewers, praying for the fury of the war machine to be spent.
    The Gods’ response is terrible and swift. They unleash their weapons of burning light. They poison the waters and blight the land. They scorch the sky itself. They fight with every bit of hidden science and might that they have but in the end, the unwashed hordes swallow them up. They are devoured, and the invaders leave Marunida, a smoking ruin.

    This is the world I was born into.


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    Re: Dan's Characters

    Post  Arcturus2 on Wed Jun 18, 2014 1:30 am

    About 10 score of years after the fall of The Old Ones on Marunida, a boy was born.
    Before his birth, his father was killed while scavenging by a war monster that had been sleeping in the ashes of the old world. His mother had no choice but to raise him alone. The boy was called Gartholomew.

    After the death of her husband, his mother, whose name is lost to history, had to remarry.
    Gartholomew was never accepted by his step father or his step brothers. He was always the outcast, always picked on and always left to play alone. As a result he grew up with a natural suspicion and distrust for other people.

    He spent many hours imagining adventures for himself; dreaming of fighting against the offworld invaders side by side with the Light Bringers of legend. He dreamed of the heroic deeds he would have done, of single handedly repelling the invaders from the Light Bringers home Monastery in the Thunder Mountains, of the cheers and applausew he would receive. Then he would be accepted. Then he would be loved and welcomed. He dreamed of being invited to leave Marunida alongside the old ones, as a reward for his great service.

    He dreamed of a way out.

    As he grew older he grew tall and strong. From making play armor and swords out of garbage and scrap, he advanced to exploring the crumbling ruins of the city in which his small community lived. There were wild animals roaming in those days, wild dogs and cats and other beasts who were hungry to devour stray humans like him. He learned to track them and recognize their signs. He learned to hunt them all and how to avoid them. Many times while wandering the dank old dungeons and courtyards he had to fight the wild creatures tooth and nail.

    He learned to be fast and strong and fierce. The wild beasts who tracked him through the wreckage of the old world taught him to fight for his life.

    As the young man grew he still dreamed the dreams of his youth, that one day he would escape the ruined world of Marunida. He was a boy of fairly normal intelligence, and he spent many nights around the fires, listening to the elders of his town. They spun the tales of Pure Marunida before The Old Ones arrived and became Gods. The elders spun tales of when The Old Ones descended to unspoiled Marunida, of the mighty magic they wielded, and how they created the Light Bringers to keep their laws.

    The young man listened to the stories of the power the Light Bringers had, the magic given to them by the Old Ones, and how they ruled Marunida in peace for millennia. He heard the tales of when the Invaders landed with their strange machines, a clockwork army of monsters that devoured all in its path.

    He heard the tales of the last stand of the Light Bringers in their mountain citadel. He heard how the gods unleashed their poison magic weapons the blasted the earth and set all ablaze.

    He sat many nights at the edge of the fires and he listened to the tales of the old world, and he was consumed by curiosity..

    Where did The Old Ones come from? How did they get here? Why did the invaders come after them? How did they get to Marunida? Could there be…. somewhere else? Could their way IN be his way OUT?

    When Gartholomew turned fifteen years old he was considered an adult, and turned out of the house of his stepfather to make his own way in the world. It didn’t take him long to decide that he would rather die trying to answer his unanswered riddles than to live a long life squatting in the ashes of a dead world.

    He decided to seek the old lost citadel of the Light Bringers, and to find the home of The Old Ones. If they came here from somewhere else, he would find how and where or die trying.

    His mother gave him her blessing and he was presented with the meager possessions of his dead father; an old sword, a cloak, a backpack of odds and ends that would serve him on his way. With that and a few meager rations, he headed off to find his destiny. So the morning after he turned fifteen, he left his home for the last time. He didn’t look back. He traveled north.

    His journey was thousands of miles. He crossed the barren inland deserts that still burned with the magic of the old war. He crossed many ruined burned out cities, scavenging when he could, fighting when he had to. He fought monsters both natural and constructed. He faced outlander nomad cannibals. He faced hunger and cold and disease.

    Though the time in the burning deserts sickened him and made his hair and fingernails fall out he survived it all. He persevered and became hardened. After several years of hard life traveling always northward through the hostile wilderness, he found himself in the shadow of the Thunder Mountains.

    He entered the foothills and began his ascent. Finally, on a peak in the distance, he spied a huge crumbling fortress. He climbed the steep cliffs and with his last ounce of strength pulled himself up to the plateau where it sat. he picked his way through the ruined walls and found himself in the citadel home of the Light Bringers.

    Entering inside, he found a huge chapel with twelve scenes around it. they seemed to depict the same stories he had heard as a child; the unspoiled Marunida, the Old Ones landing, the coming of the Light Bringers… it was all there. The history of his world, up to when the Invaders came. There were many strange words written on the walls in a language he couldn’t understand. He pondered these scenes for some minutes.

    Eventually he snapped out of this trance and heard running water. He followed the sound to the front of the huge chamber, to an altar where a pool still ran with sparkling water. He fell prostrate on the ground before the pool and drank deeply. It felt as if the weariness of his whole life flowed out of him and was replaced by serenity. Peace and certainty flowing into him, he was overcome by exhaustion and slept.

    Who knows how long he slept? When he awoke, he felt different in body and mind. The colors of the chamber seemed brighter, the air smelled stronger, he could hear more acutely. Every ache and pain in his body seemed to have drained from his body and he hummed with new vitality and strength such as he had never known.

    Wondering at his newfound power, he continued deeper into the structure until he came to a door.

    This door was covered with more strange writing and symbols, and two words were larger than all the rest:


    He pushed it open and was astounded to find the relics of lore. Here were all the magical armaments of the Light Bringers! At least that much of the old stories were true! He stripped out of his filthy rags and redressed himself in shining mail. He chose from their things of power and armed himself for the adventures he always dreamed of from his childhood. Now, Gartholomew was ready to find the home of The Old Ones. Now he was ready to find his answers.

    Redressed and armed with the ancient magic weapons of the Light Bringers, he continued on. He traveled through more dusty chambers until he came to another door. Ancient thought it was, it had an aura of powerful magic and looked almost as though it were a living mouth. This one only had one phrase on it:


    Gartholomew took a deep breath, and stepped trough the door into his destiny.

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    Re: Dan's Characters

    Post  Arcturus2 on Wed Jun 18, 2014 1:32 am

    Name: Gartholomew Race: Human (Pureblooded Azlanti) Size: Medium Gender: Male Level: 16 (1 mythic tier)
    Class: Fighter (fav) Age: 19 Height: 5'10" Weight: 165 Hair: Br Eyes: Deep Purple
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Languages: Common

    STR 24 (28) DEX 18 (22) CON 17 (21) INT 12 WIS 12 CHA 10

    HP 265  (270)

    Initiative: +11 (+6 dex + 1/4 misc)

    Speed: 30 (30 w/armor) Fly: 60 Swim: 15 Climb: 15

    *AC: 36 (10+ 9 armor + 0 shield + 6 dex + 1/5/5 misc) Touch AC: 27 Flat footed AC: 30 Spell Resistance: 0
    * +4 against attacks of opportunity on movement

    Fort: 23 (10+ 5 con+ 2 magic+ 5 misc+ 1 temp)
    Ref: 18 (5+ 6 dex+ 1 magic+ 5 misc+ 1 temp)
    Will: 12 (5+ 1 wis+ 1 magic+ 5 misc) +4 vs. Fear effects

    Base Attack Bonus: 16/11/6/1  
    CMB: 25 (BAB 16+ str 9+ size 0) CMD: 41 (10+ BAB 16+ str 9+ dex 6+ size 0)

    Attacks of Opportunity: 6/ rnd


    Light Load: 0-400 (unencumbered) Lift over head: 1,200# max
    Med Load: 401-800 (med encumberance) Lift off ground: 2,400# max
    Heavy Load:801-1,200 (heavy encumberance) Drag or push: 6,000# max (subject to environment, GM discretion)


    Acrobatics: 10 (6 dex+ 4 ranks)
    Climb: 18 (9 str+  6 ranks+ 3 class bonus)
    Disable Device: 8 (6 dex+ 2 ranks)
    Fly: 10 (6 dex+ 4 ranks)
    Intimidate: 12 (0 cha+ 9 ranks+ 3 class bonus)
    Knowledge Dungeoneering: 16 (1 int+ 12 ranks+ 3 class bonus)
    Knowledge Engineering: 9 (1 int+ 5 ranks+ 3 class bonus)
    Ride: 13 (6 dex+ 4 ranks+ 3 class bonus)
    Sleight of Hand: 10 (6 dex+ 4 ranks)
    Survival: 6 (1 wis +2 ranks +3 class skill bonus)
    Swim: 15 (9 str+ 3 ranks + 3 class skill bonus)


    Simple Weapon Proficiency
    Martial Weapon Proficiency
    Armor Proficiency (Light, Med, & Heavy)
    Shield & Tower Shield Proficiency

    Improved Initiative
    Weapon focus- Greatsword
    Martial Versatility-Heavy Blades
    Blind Fight
    Quick Draw
    Weapon Specialization- Greatsword
    Combat Reflexes
    Vital Strike
    Greater Weapon Focus- Greatsword
    Great Cleave
    Improved Vital Strike
    Greater Weapon Specialization- Greatsword
    Martial Mastery- Heavy Blades
    Spring Attack
    Greater Vital Strike
    Mythic Vital Strike

    Tier 1 Mythic:

    Champion Strike: Sudden Attack
    Path Ability: Punishing Blow

    Special Abilities:

    Armor training +4
    Bravery +4
    Weapon training+3 (heavy Blades, Light Blades, Axes)

    Hero Points: 3

    Tier 1 Mythic:

    Hard To Kill (-38)
    Mythic Power:  5/day
    Surge: 1d6


    +3 Frost Brand: Greatsword   Melee Attack Bonus 33/28/23/18
    +8 attack bonus (+3 magic weapon, +2 weapon focus/greater weapon focus,+3 weapon training.)

    1d10+23 (+ 13 2 handed str bonus, +3 magic weapon, +3 weapon training, +4 weapon/greater weapon spec. ) + 1d6 cold 2d6+23 + 1d6 cold
    Crit 16-20x2
    (4x normal damage on single attack with Greater Vital Strike)
    Weight 8# Cost: 54,475gp

    +2 Luck Blade (0 wishes)S short sword  Melee Attack Bonus  29/24/19/14
    +4 attack bonus (+2 Magic Weapon, +2 Weapon Training)
    1d4+9 (+13) (+9 str, +2 Magic Weapon, +2 Weapon Training)
    1d6+9 (+13)
    Crit 19-20x2
    (4x normal damage on single attack)
    Weight 2# Cost:22,060gp

    AC Items:

    +3 Celestial Armor: AC 9 (+3 Magic Item, cmail +6) AC penalty 0, arcane spell failure 15%, Fly 1 time/day, max dex +12
    Weight 20#) Cost: 22,400gp

    Ring of Protection: AC 5(+5 Magic Item, no penalties, no failure %, no weight)
    Cost: 50,000gp

    Amulet of Natural Armor: AC 5(+5 Magic Item, no penalties, no failure %, no weight)
    Cost: 50,000gp

    Magical Gear worn:

    Boots of Speed (10 rounds of Haste/day) Weight 1# Cost: 12,000gp
    Scabbard of Keen Edges (doubles threat range of weapon) Weight:1# Cost: 16,000gp
    Cloak of Resistance (+ 5 to all saves) Weight: 1# Cost: 25,000gp
    Belt of Physical Perfection (+4 str, +4 dex, +4 con) Weight: 1# Cost:64,000gp

    Other Gear worn:

    Belt Pouch: Weight: .5#

    Chalk, 1pc Weight:--
    Sewing needle Weight:--
    Flint & steel Weight:--
    180 gp Weight 3.3#

    Backpack: Weight: 2#

    6x Scroll Cases: 3#
    50 ft silk rope weight: 5#
    Grappling hook weight 4#
    Crowbar weight 5#
    3x Potion of Cure Serious Wounds (3d8+5)
    3x Potion of Barkskin (+2 natural AC)
    2x Breath of Life Scroll (5d8+5)
    2x Restoration Scroll
    2x Heal Scroll (50 hp)
    Weight carried: 61.8# (unencumbered)

    Gold spent on Magic Items: 314,935 gp

    Beginning budget: 315,000 gp

    Gold left: 65

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    Re: Dan's Characters

    Post  Arcturus2 on Tue Aug 12, 2014 7:38 pm

    Placeholder for alchemist

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    Re: Dan's Characters

    Post  Arcturus2 on Mon Aug 18, 2014 11:37 am

    Name:        Alignment: CG    Race: Human    Size: Med    Sex: M
    Age:       Height:     Weight:       Hair:      Eyes:
    Homeland:            Diety:
    16th level Alchemist   (Psychonaut Archetype)
    1 mythic tier: Mythic Trickster    

    Mythic Power: 5/day
    Mythic surge: 1d6
    Hard to kill: -36/44/48*
    Trickster Attack: Surprise Strike
    Trickster Path Ability: Additional Trick (Fleet Charge)

    (*Varies due to active mutagenic effect)

    Speed: 35
    Swim/climb: 15
    Fly: varied
    HP 192 (+4)

    Initiative: 5/7/8*
    AC: 31/37/38*
    (10+5 armor +0 shield + 5/7/8 Dex +0 size+ 10/14 natural armor +1 deflection)
    Touch AC: 26/32/33*
    FF AC: 26/30*

    (*Varies due to active mutagenic effect)

    Spell resistance: 18

    FORT: 21/23/24*
    REF: 22/24/25*
    WILL: 15/14*

    (*Varies due to active mutagenic effect)

    BAB: 12/7/2.  
    CMB: 15/17/18* (12 BAB + 3/5/6 STR)
    CMD: 30/35/35* (12 BAB + 3/5/6 STR + 5/7/8 DEX + 10)
    (*Varies due to active mutagenic effect)

    STR 16 (+1) 20/22 (+5/6)*
    DEX 20 (+3) 24/26 (+7/8  )*
    CON 18 (+2) 22/24 (+6/7)*
    INT 20 (+5)  24/22 (+7/6)*
    WIS 12 (+1)  16/14 (+3/2)*
    CHA 10 (+0) 14/12) (+2/1)*

    (adjustments for +4 Headband of mental superiority, +4 belt of physical perfection, and * varies due to active Greater Mutagen effect)


    Appraise: 16/14 (Int +7/6 +6 skill ranks +3 class skill)
    Climb: 21/22 ( Str+5/6 +16 skill ranks)
    Craft: Alchemy: 30/29 (Int +7/6 +5 skill ranks + 20 class skill)
    Disable Device: 22/24/25 (Dex +5/7/8 +16 skill ranks +5 class skill)
    Fly: 18/20/21 (Dex +5/7/8 +10 skill ranks + 3 class skill)
    Heal: 16/15 (Wis +3/2 +10 skill ranks +3 class skill)
    Knowledge Arcana: 18/17 (Int + 7/6 +10 skill ranks +3 class skill)
    Knowledge Dungeoneering: 23/22 (Int + 7/6 +16 skill ranks)
    Knowledge Nature: 18/17 ( Int +7/6 +10 skill ranks +3 class skill)
    Perception: 16/15 ( Wis +3/2 +10 skill ranks +3 class skill)
    Sleight of hand: 18/20/21 (Dex +5/7/8 +10 skill ranks + 3 class skill)
    Spellcraft: 25/24 (Int + 7/6 +15 skill ranks +3 class skill)
    Survival: 16/15 ( Wis + 3/2 + 10 skill ranks +3 class skill)
    UMD: 21/20 (Cha +2/1+16 skill ranks +3 class skill)


    Throw anything: +1 Attack/Splash weapon
    Weapon focus: +1 Attack/Longbow
    Weapon focus: +1 Attack/Bombs
    Improved critical: Longbow (19-20)
    Great Fort
    Iron Will
    Lightning Ref
    Extra Discovery
    Martial Weapon Proficiency: Longbow
    Brew Potion: up to 3rd level, CL 16

    Special abilities:

    Poison Use
    Poison Resistance +2
    Swift Poisoning
    Persistent Mutagen: 1hour/Level


    Infusion (2nd)
    Explosive Missle: 7d4 +15/19* DC 27 (4th)
    Breath Weapon Bomb: 7d4 +15/19* DC 27 (6th)
    Combine Extracts: 2 formulae/extract, CL highest form lvl + 2
    Fast Bombs: Full round attack @ 27/22/17 ( 10th)
    Greater Mutagen: +4 AC, +6/+4 to physical,  -2/2 to mental (12th)
    Smoke Bomb: as Fog Cloud, 1 rnd/lvl, 10 ft radius DC 27 (14th)
    Inferno Bomb: as Incendiary Cloud, 6d6 fire damage,  1rnd/lvl,
    DC 27 (16th)
    Precise Bombs: # squares = to INT bonus unaffected (extra discovery)

    (*Varies due to active mutagenic effect)

    Reflex save for half damage on bombs

    Bombs/day: 24

    1st: 5+8 =13
    2nd: 5+8=13
    3rd: 5+8 =13
    4th: 4+8= 12
    5th: 3+8= 11
    6th: 1+8= 9

    DC = level+ formulae level + INT bonus +2

    Formulae known:

    1st: Bomber's Eye, Detect Undead, Enlarge Person, Expeditious Retreat, Identify, Jump, Shield, True Strike

    2nd: *Augury, Barkskin +5, Bull's Strength +4, Darkvision, Blood Transcription

    3rd: Cure Serious Wounds 3d8+15, Fly 60ft/1 min per lvl, Haste, *Clairavoyance/Clairaudience, *Detect Scrying, *Scrying, *Speak With Dead, Undead Anatomy

    4th: Cure Critical Wounds 4d8+16, Death Ward, Dragon's Breath 12d6,  *Dream, Freedom of Movement,  *Lesser Astral Projection, *Nightmare, *Plane Shift, Restoration, *Sending, *Telepathic Bond

    5th: *Moment of Prescience

    6th: Heal, Mislead, True Seeing

    *Bonus Psychonaut Formulae

    Available Attacks:

    Bomb: (Fire, Breath Weapon, Smoke, Incendiary) 24/day
    Thrown Splash Weapon Range: 20 ft Crit: 20×2
    Attack Bonus: 22/17/12 or 27/22/17*
    Damage: 7d4 +15/19* (Incendiary Cloud 6d6 for 16 rounds)
    DC 27, REF save for 1/2

    +5 Composite Longbow
    Ranged Piercing Range: 110 ft Crit: 19-20×3
    Attack Bonus: 21/16/11* or 25/20/15* or 26/21/16*
    Damage: 1d8 +4/9* (+7d4+ 16/19 if explosive missle)
    Explosive Missle DC 27, Reflex save for 1/2

    (*Varies due to active mutagenic effect)

    AC Items:

    Amulet/Natural Armor +5
    Ring/Protection +5

    Gear Worn:

    Headband/Mental Superiority +4
    Ring/Energy Shroud
    Belt/Physical Perfection +4
    Boots/Striding & Springing
    Cloak/Resistance +1
    Bandolier 2× (loaded with extracts, bombs, mutagens)
    Component Pouch (3000 gp worth of unspecified alchemical components)
    Quiver/20 arrows

    Gear Carried:
    Alchemist's Kit
    Traveling Formula Book
    Mwk Thieve's Tools
    100 empty vials (Bombs, Extracts, Mutagens, & Poisons)
    Mwk +5 Composite Longbow

    Total Weight Carried:

    47#, Light load, Unencumbered

    Gear owned, not carried:

    1 Trunk (chest)
    Full Alchemist's Lab
    Formula Book
    200 empty vials
    4732 gp

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    Re: Dan's Characters

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