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    Backstory - general info


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    Backstory - general info

    Post  Chris on Mon Aug 10, 2015 1:07 pm

    I want to do some Backstory work with most of the characters and then a bit with the entire group.  Whether this turns into a full blown "meet and greet" or not is currently up for vote in the other thread.

    Regardless of that outcome, I want to lay out some ground rules for Backstory content in general.  It applies to both character-specific and group content.

    Backstory is NOT meant to be a full blown, minute-by-minute version of storytelling.  It is mean to flesh out specific scenes and introduce characters that will be relevant to the main storyline.  In particular, this will (hopefully) provide each character with some motivation (reason to make choices later) and some plot hooks (specific options) for the main story.

    It will play out in scenes.  There will likely be little combat of the dice throwing variety.  It will mostly be about roleplaying and decision making.  Character choices MATTER and they WILL have an impact on the main story, so choose wisely how you treat people and what you do.  

    Scenes may skip ahead by days or years at times.  Don't worry about making up different level versions of your character.  Just use your current stats, I can bolster what would be a lvl 1 encounter to adjust your stats down or theirs up.  Like I said, the stats don't matter as much.  More influential would be a lack of your magic items at earlier points in your character's life.

    I will be basing your Backstory content off the backstory you provide on your character page. I will fill in any details that you left open. Please don't write a novel, just give me some basic info and we can fill in the rest together.

    Josh will be going first since Shivak is complete, but all are welcome and encouraged to play out some Backstory for your character, once it is finalized.  Once your backstory starts, there should be no further stat adjustments, unless we do something in the Backstory that makes a logical change - but talk to me about it first study

    Again, this will be a bit different than what you are used to, so try to roll with it and have fun sunny

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