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    Loot Thread


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    Loot Thread

    Post  navyik on Thu Jul 28, 2016 10:46 pm

    This post should always show the total unclaimed party spoils.  I will show coin divided evenly by our names.  

    Once you claim coin, set it to zero.  To claim an item, post that you want it and let others have a little time to respond and haggle.  Then remove it from the list after a consensus.  I will post when I edit, but this first page will always show the list.


    Ronan: 0
    Ringo: 0
    Vozz: 0
    Ali: 0

    Blue and Black Kilt.
    Leather belt, pouches X4,

    Triangular bronze pendant
    34 finger bones boiled clean and carved with various symbols.

    If no-one wants a large item, it will be abandoned.  Smaller items can be kept; Ali will attempt to fence them.

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    Re: Loot Thread

    Post  Chris on Wed Feb 08, 2017 8:32 am

    MAS wrote:Vozz clearly recalls that many species of fungi can be used for augmenting Transmutation, Illusion, and Divination spells. Given some time in an arcane laboratory (such as the one at the Tower), these samples could be processed into an elixir that would aid a caster in wielding specific schools of Magic.

    Game Item Mechanic, Magic Elixer

    5 lbs of relevant material can be processed into 1 flask of Minor Elixer.

    1 Elixer = Grant +1 to caster's roll or -1 to target's roll.

    We'll assume that Vozz collects 5 lbs of each variety available.

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