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    Keeping track of the story so far


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    Keeping track of the story so far

    Post  Chris on Fri Mar 02, 2018 1:07 pm

    Menkaure's contact Tony, reveals some kind of stealth truck container for moving illicit goods

    Mime notices the Asuran trade minister is killed mysteriously by invisible attack

    Menkaure's boss tells him the humans (Agent YR#1) have requested help with thefts, Kara dismissed it until Ra-stones vanished from Memphis too

    Ghost's friend Sal (Snake) tells him he had a mark vanish on him

    Mime's mysterious contact, Handler (works with YR#1), leads him to the Karaoke bar, but then seems to have been compromised

    at the Panda - flying drones mind wiped a prominent lawyer Benowitz Ghost was tracking, that had info for Mime (Handler), and Menkaure (Kara) before he could reveal what he knew about inter-planar thieves. the party faced Gith psychic and strange chain henchmen. Gith used some kind of portal to escape.  Party sees Library at Star's End, does some research, thinks its beyond the Blue Heavens.

    CONTACT:  Agent YR#1 with MSA (meta city security agency)

    party heads through Crunch to Floating City of Rata Sum.  Mime convinces them to check out the scene of the Asuran Minister's murder.  They get into a fight with mind-control spider bots and other strange henchmen.  

    party gains FAVOR for helping asuran police
    party gains ALLY in Sgt. Blidd

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