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    Guide to Pestilence, AZ


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    Guide to Pestilence, AZ

    Post  Robyo on Sun Dec 02, 2012 9:25 pm

    [img][Only admins are allowed to see this link][/img]
    Pestilence, AZ
    Places of Interest:
    1. Ramsey's General Store: Providing for the basic consumable needs of townies. Elmer A. Ramsey proprietor.
    2. Our Lady's Illuminescent Grace Catholic Church: Largest building in town. Father Pedro Raphael presiding.
    3. Mesa Church (non-demoninational): Catering to non-traditional churchgoers. Reverend David Crandall tending the flock.
    4. School House: Basic building located on the edge of town. Maggie Emmens is resident schoolmarm.
    5. Government Building: Used for town hall meetings, the occasional court proceeding, and various public events. For hours and event scheduling, contact custodian Lee Maclaran.
    6. Marshal's Office / Jailhouse: Marshal Auren Sparks keeps the peace along with deputies Zyd and Derr.
    7. Post Office / Telegraph Office: A handful of folk are employed as mail carriers and telegraph operators.
    8. Blacksmith: Tom O'Keefe proprietor. Assisted by a few apprentices.
    9. Dead Slug Saloon: One of the seedier joints in town. Known for it's hard drinks and brawls. Tommy "Toothless" Larsen is the owner.
    10. Trader's Exchange: A place to find and trade minerals, tobacco, pelts, and the like. Bernadette Mullins is a retired trapper and the business proprietor.
    11. Zimmerman's Hardware Store: Gun's Pistols, and Ammunition -- Hardware and Tinware --- Guns, Pistols Repaired. A 12-foot, red-painted rifle stands on a pole outside the shop. Fred C. Zimmerman proprietor.
    12. Sun Dog Saloon: Most relaxed tavern atmosphere in town. Bartender Buford McGillicutty usually has the latest news.
    13. The Velvet Palace: A large establishment popular with visiting cowpokes. There is a tavern on the first floor known as the Opera House Saloon. It is known for it's occasional vaudeville shows and burlesque dancers.
    14. First State Bank: Located at the corner of First and State, it is been robbed several times. Howard Hordepenny is the president.
    15. Xim's Chinese Laundromat: Located across from the Velvet Palace. Also popular with out-of-towners. Xim Lee proprieter.
    16. Dieter's Barber Shop: Stop in for a close shave. Closed on Mondays. Joe Dieter proprieter and head barber.
    17. Rath & Wright's Supply House: Supplying the needs of ranchers and farmers in the Cactus Valley. Partners Richard Rath & Wilbur Wright are proprietors.
    18. Pharmacy: Herman Fringer, proprietor. Dr. McCarty operates out of the shop as well, keeping offices and a surgery in the building.
    19. Washington Guns & Ammo: Pistols & Rifles, Modifications & Custom Ammunition. Formerly owned by Mark Washington, and though the Washingtons no longer own the place, the name has stuck. Shannon still works in the store.
    20. Drum Cigar and Pipe Shop: All your tobacco needs catered to. Sam Drum proprietor.
    21. Scoots' Boots and Leather Store: Finest leather items, boots, and a repair shop in the back. Scotty Scoots proprietor.
    22. Clothes Emporium: Caters to both men and women. Janet Hazen proprietor.
    23. The Alamo Saloon: A popular bar and dancehall, especially with visiting Texans. Munson Lawler is head bartender and champion wrestler.

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    Re: Guide to Pestilence, AZ

    Post  Chris on Sun Dec 02, 2012 11:40 pm

    cheers excellent, I love the names of some of the folks - very clever!

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