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    Zangulor - Mechan Druid


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    Zangulor - Mechan Druid

    Post  Robyo on Sun Feb 05, 2017 11:40 pm

    Mechan Druid–10(Saurian Shaman), True Neutral
    Mythic Hierophant-1

    Current World: Ssyssyx

    Homeworld: Zyr
    Deity: Matron Paraxia,jungle spirit goddess of Ssyssyx
    Languages: Common, Mech, Lizardfolk
    Size: Medium; Move: 30', Fly 30'
    Hero Points: 9

    STR: 12 +1
    DEX: 14 +2
    CON: 11 0
    INT: 12 +1
    WIS: 18(22) +4(+6)
    CHA: 10 0

    FORT: +7
    REF: +7
    WILL: +13
    Spell Resistance: 21

    Armor Class: 21
    Hit Points: 93 (HD:10d8+9fc+4m)
    BAB: +7/+2
    CMB: +8
    CMD: 20
    Initiative: +4
    Passive Perception: 23

    ~Long Bow*(+2)_+10/+5_1d8+2_x3_100' (x40 arrows)
    ~Scimitar*(+2 Flame Tongue)_+9/+4_1d6+3_18-20x2_-
    ~Dagger_+7/+2(+8/+3Thrown)_1d4+1_19-20x2_10' (x3 daggers)

    Skills (*Trained):
    *Climb: +6
    *Craft Arms and Armor: +8
    *Fly: +11
    *Handle Animal: +7
    *Heal: +13
    *Knowledge(Geography): +6
    *Knowledge(Nature): +8
    *Perception: +13
    *Ride: +7
    *Spellcraft: +9
    *Survival: +15
    *Swim: +6
    Stealth: +12

    Race: Mechan(Half-Construct/Half-Human)(15 RP)
    Half-construct: 7 (+2 saves vs disease, mind-affecting effects, poison and effects that cause exhaustion or fatigue; cannot be raised/resurrected; doesn't need to breathe, eat, sleep unless to gain some benefits)
    Human Heritage: 0
    Standard Languages: 0
    Greater Spell Resistance: 3 (SR 11 + level)
    Negative Energy Affinity: -1
    Flight: 4 (30', clumsy maneuverability)
    Darkvision: 2 (60')

    Traits: Reactionary (+2 Initiative),
    Worldly (Adv on any Untrained Skill 1/day)

    Feats: Lightning Reflexes (+2 REF), Craft Magical Arms and Armor, Martial Weapon Proficiency-Longbow, Natural Spell, Vital Strike (1 attk @ hi BAB @ x2 damage dice), Stealthy (+2 stealth/escape artist checks)

    Druid Class Abilities: Nature Bond, Nature Sense, Orisons, Spells, Wild Empathy, Woodland Stride, Trackless Step, Resist Nature's Lure, Wild Shape (2/day standard @ 8th level; 6/day dino/reptile @ 12th level)

    Saurian Shaman Archetype: Animal Companion(Nature Bond)_Velocirptor:Skree,
    Wild Empathy (+4 W/Dinos&Repts as Full Rnd Action), Totem Trans, Totemic Summons, Wildshape variant, bonus Feat at 9th level: Vital Strike

    Mythic Hero: Hierophant Path-1, Path Ability: Eldritch Breach, Hard To Kill, Mythic Power: 5, Surge +1d6, Mythic Feat: Mythic Spell Lore, x1 Mythic Spells: Flame Strike, Divine Surge: Beast's Fury

    0-Know Direction, Detect Magic, Flare, Read Magic
    1-Cure Lt Wnds, Goodberry, Entangle, Produce Flame, Speak w/ Animals, Shillelagh

    2-Flame Blade, Flaming Sphere, Heat Metal, Fog Cloud, Owl's Wisdom, Cat's Grace
    3-Cure Mod Wnds, Speak w/ Plants, Call Lightning, Poison
    4-Flame Strike, Scrying, Cure Srs Wnds, Dispel Magic
    5- Cure Crtcl Wnds, Call Lightning Storm, Insect Plague

    Magic Items:
    (Armor)-Leather Armor +2, Lite Wooden Shield +1, Amulet of Natural Armor
    (Weapons)-Long Bow +2, Scimitar +2 Flame Tongue, x1 Slaying Arrow (greater): Aberration, x2 Slaying Arrows (standard): Aberration
    (Buff)-Headband of Inspired Wisdom (+4 Wisdom)-Thaak's Headband
    (Rings)-Invisibility, Major Image
    (Potions)-x17 Cure Moderate Wounds

    Equipment: walking stick(cudgel), robe, pouch, chalk, holy symbol (wood necklace made from the bark of Hector, the Great Tree), whetstone, oil flask, holy water, traveler's outfit

    Treasure: 505 GP
    KARMA: 632


    Skree – Velociraptor Animal Companion

    Medium, Spd:60'
    Low-light Vision, Scent
    Passive Perception: 16

    Str:18 (+4)
    Dex:20 (+5)
    Con:22 (+6)
    Int:2 (-4)
    Wis:12 (+1)
    Cha:14 (+2)

    AC:24 (+9 natural armor,+5 DEX)
    HP: 126 (9d8+54 HD)
    BAB: +6
    CMB: +10
    CMD: 25
    Fort: +11

    Ref: +10
    Will: +4

    Natural Attacks:
    ~2 talons_+10 ATK_2d6+3 DMG
    ~bite_+9 ATK_1d8+3 DMG
    ~2 claws_+9 ATK_1d6+3 DMG

    Skills, (1 rank each, *=trained):
    Acrobatics(*): +8
    Climb(*): +7
    Escape Artist: +8
    Perception(*): +6
    Survival: +2
    Stealth(*): +12
    Swim(*): +7

    Feats: Weapon Finesse (Dex mod to Attk), Weapon Focus-Talons (+1 Attk), Stealthy (+2 Stealth and Escape Artist checks), Improved Natural Attack (one step higher damage dice, Improved Natural Armor (+1 AC)

    Special Attk: Pounce (Charge and make a Full Attack)

    Special: Link, Share Spells, Evasion, Devotion,
    Ability Score Increase Option (+2 Dex, +2 Con), Multiattack

    Bonus Tricks: Attack, Guard, Track
    Taught Tricks: Come, Seek, Fetch

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    Posts : 3192
    Join date : 2012-04-29

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    Re: Zangulor - Mechan Druid

    Post  Robyo on Sat Feb 11, 2017 12:59 pm

    Zangulor is a Mechan, a race of half-human/half-constructs originating from planet Zyr, a technologically advanced world deep in uncharted space. A region uncharted by Earthlings, at any rate.

    He is a xenobiologist by trade. While still quite young and inexperienced, Zang's life underwent a massive upset  serving as a lab technician aboard the intergalactic research starship Orgonn. A scientific vessel on an interstellar voyage, the Orgonn studied new life forms in the cosmos to document and catalog. For reasons unknown, the ship crashed on Ssyssyx, a strange and perilous dinosaur planet! Only a few of the crew survived the impact, but Zang was the only one who managed to survive beyond the first week on the hostile world. He has lived on Ssyssyx for seven years now. He doesn't know if his homeworld was contacted before the crash or a distress signal was even sent.

    Zang can not repair his ship. The technology level of Ssyssyx is far too primitive to support the materials for forging the proper parts. And he is no engineer.

    In a way, Zang has "gone native."  deeply studying the local flora and fauna. He had a religious conversion, zealously following the guidance of Paraxia, the mysterious jungle spirit goddess of Ssyssyx.

    Zangulor also met and befriended a local tribe of lizardfolk, the Scavs. He is known to them as the Saurian Shaman, consulting with the tribe's chief Krotus on occasion but prefers to live apart. Zang wanders the jungle, doing Paraxia's work.

    Ssyssyx is an alien planet seemingly in it's Jurassic era. A jungle world of dinosaurs and sentient reptilian folk. There are also prehistoric mammals, like big cats and mastodons to be found. Lizardfolk, also known as Galopogans, are quite prevalent, but it is the alliance of Yuan-ti and Naga which forms the dominant empire of the planet. Known as the Ssyk Empire, they consider themselves the masters of Ssyssyx. The yuan-ti serve as the enforcers, slave masters, and bodyguards to the Naga Overlords. There is a sub race of men on Ssyssyx as well, nearly all enslaved by the Ssyk. They are of quite low intelligence, mostly non-linguistic, and incapable of communicating abstract ideas. They are known as the Drul. However, there are rumors of a break-away sect hiding in the wild known as the E'nor.

    Zangulor was a xenobiologist from planet Zyr, home to several sentient lifeforms. The Colossi are giant sentient constructs, able to transform into dragons and and other giant beasts. In an age long before, there were once men on Zyr, known as the Voryn. The Voryn created the Colossi, but soon a great war erupted between the two races. Zyr was devastated and the atmosphere depleted. Cosmic rays began to pour through, scarring the land and poisoning life with cosmic radiation. The Voryns reacted by adapting and becoming the Mechans. They utilized the technology of the Colossi, while integrating bits of their own organic matter. Mechans are hybrid constructs, a fusing of inorganic and organic matter as one.

    It is rumored that some Voryns survived the bombarding cosmic rays by delving underground. They may dwell there still, in secret. Known as the Morlax, they are the Underdwellers of Zyr. Short, Pale skinned, hairless, with opaque eyes, but rumored to be incredibly powerful in psionic potential.

    Zangulor learned to forge his own weapons and armor. He imbued some of them with sacred druidic magic. He underwent a quest to find Thaak's Headband. A powerful device for granting it's wearer great wisdom, Zang attained it from the queen of the Yuan-ti, Ssaraharass. She was intrigued by Zang's nature and gave him a history teaching of sorts.

    Long ago, there was high technology on Ssyssyx. The Drul are descended from an artistically and technologically advanced culture known as the Aenara. The early Ssyk were at war them, but for many years it was a stale mate. Then the Ssyk received far more advanced technology from a mysterious alien race known as the Dark Ones. Using the "darktek", the Ssyk put a quick and brutal end to the greatness of the Aenaran people and enslaved them for eons. However the Dark Ones never returned and the knowledge of recharging and repairing the darktek was lost in time. The Ssyk remained in control of the planet, but their advanced technology was no longer functional. Some of it was lost, but some still remains in vaults hidden away and guarded by the Ssyk.

    Zang managed to escape, despite Queen Ssaraharass's best efforts. Returning to the Scavs, he relayed much of his news to Cheif Krotus. But the Scavs were not interested. They were gearing up for war with their neighbor tribe, the Skexies. It seemed Galopogans were always at war with each other, unable to unify against the Ssyk's diabolic encroachment upon their lands.

    Perhaps if Zangulor uncovered some of the darktek, he might repair his ship. Or at least contact his home planet. He has not had contact in seven long years! And maybe there is some way he can aid the pitiful Drul, who genetically are not unlike his own ancestors. If he could locate the mysterious E'nor, maybe they would be aid his cause.

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    Re: Zangulor - Mechan Druid

    Post  Robyo on Sun Feb 12, 2017 11:48 am

    Should be ready to roll now...

    I must say, building Scree was almost as complex as building Zang! Pathfinder bean-counting sucks time away yet again. But I'm satisfied with the end result. Scree is one sneaky and tough velociraptor!

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    Re: Zangulor - Mechan Druid

    Post  Chris on Sun Feb 12, 2017 3:30 pm

    wow, very detailed backstory and history! some good plot hooks in there for me too Wink

    stats look good, though I didn't double check it all, I trust you guys

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    Re: Zangulor - Mechan Druid

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